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Use essential oils for spring cleaning!
  • Spring cleaning with essential oils is a great way to start anew!
    We all know spring cleaning is a great excuse to finally pick up clutter, throw out old things you haven’t used in months (or years!), and break out the dust rags. That in itself is a powerful thing.
    But spring cleaning works on more than a physical level. It’s also an opportunity to clear out old energy that’s become stagnant through the winter—in your space and in your spirit. If you view it as a chance to clean up your mental and emotional space, the physical act of cleaning takes on deeper resonance.

    Essential oils help in both ways. Not only do some of them have powerful properties for cleansing surfaces, but they can also work to cleanse your body, stir up stagnant chi, and align your energy with health and happiness. Just what you need to take on new beginnings!
    First take a look at this chart showing some of our favorite essential oils for spring cleaning—and the properties that make them so helpful—and then we’ll talk about ways you can use these oils to purify your home and revitalize your spirit.


    Can you tell why we like those oils? They have so many cleansing properties!


    If you’re using essential oils for spring cleaning, here are a few recipes to have on hand.


    Peppermint & Grapefruit Surface Spray

    Blend 1 oz. water and a dash of white vinegar, then add about 15 drops of essential oils total. Shake well, and use this cleaner on your counters, sinks, and other household surfaces. For a tougher solution, use a 1:1 or even 2:1 ratio of vinegar to water. Grapefruit and peppermint are a great combination, especially in the kitchen. They're said to aid with appetite and digestion.


    Peppermint & Lavender Closet and Upholstery Spray

    Blend 1 oz. of water with 15 drops total of essential oil. We like an even balance, which means 8 drops peppermint and 7 drops lavender. Shake well, and spray this blend in your closets and clothes drawers to discourage moths and pests. It brings in a burst of soothing, uplifting energy! You can also use this blend on upholstery, drapes (open the window and let the breeze waft essential oils through your room!), and on carpets after you vacuum. Using lavender essential oil for spring cleaning invites emotional balance into your whole house.


    Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Toilet and Shower Scrub

    Blend 1 tsp. liquid soap (castile soap works well) with 1 cup baking soda. To get the texture you want, add a little water or white vinegar, stirring all the while. When you like the texture, add about 30 drops of the essential oils. Put some on a sponge and scrub your tub and toilet clean.


    Eucalyptus & Ravintsara Bathroom Diffusing Blend

    After your bathrooms are sparkling clean, diffuse about 6 drops eucalyptus and 6 drops ravintsara to cleanse the air and continue purifying your space. In a small space like the bathroom, try a candle diffuser. We like diffusing eucalyptus in the bathroom often. Not only does it cut through funky smells, it can also help reduce mold. It's famous for respiratory issues and allergies, which a lot of people experience during the spring.


    Lemon Window & Glass Cleaner

    Blend 1 oz. white vinegar with 4 drops lemon essential oil in a spray bottle. Spray on windows and mirrors, and use a crumpled old newpaper to wipe the surface down. Old newspaper is a great way to get a streak-free shine on glass. If you'd prefer to use less vinegar, try a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water. We especially like cleaning windows and mirrors with lemon because it has the tendency to encourage a positive outlook.


    We’ve had to leave out some of our other favorite oils and recipes (such as siberian fir, thyme and lemongrass) but there will be time for those in later blog posts. Do you have any favorites? If so, share them in the comments!


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