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Loose Incense Recipes
  • Loose incense recipes you can make yourself!

    In a previous post, we talked about how to choose ingredients for loose incense. Now we’ve got some loose incense recipes!

    Maybe you’re trying to achieve a specific effect (a house that smells of spicy citrus!), or maybe you’re just working with what you have on hand. When you’re creating loose incense recipes, it’s a good idea to choose a base ingredient, and then add a few ingredients that harmonize with the main scent. (It’s kind of like putting together an outfit—you can build it around the main piece, such as a shirt, or around a smaller piece that you just really want to wear, like a pair of shoes.)

    To burn your incense, you'll need a charcoal tab and a heat-safe surface. There are some truly beautiful incense burners out there made of stone or metal. Abalone shells are also popular.

    To light your charcoal, all you need to do is hold it up (we suggest using tweezers, to keep your fingers safe!), and hold a flame to it until it ignites.

    Some charcoal contains saltpeter.

    Saltpeter is potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate. It allows the charcoal to light quickly, but it's not the safest ingredient. You can get charcoal without the saltpeter, although it does take longer to light. We like bamboo charcoal and makko powder. For the powder, just sprinkle it onto your heat-safe surface and light it.

    Once your charcoal is lit, sprinkle your loose incense over it. You don't have to make a neat little pile. Just try to get all of the incense pieces touching the charcoal.

    Ready for some recipes?



    Lucky in Love Incense

    This blend can strengthen your heart, encouraging it to open and keeping it protected at the same time. Cedarwood is also said to bring good fortune!

    • ½ oz rose (dried petals, buds, or powdered petals)
    • ½ oz cedarwood chips

    Use a 1 oz jar for your blend. Just stir the rose petals (or powder) in with the cedar chips. You can also close your container and shake it up.


    Intention Setting Incense

    Frankincense is famous for meditation because it helps the mind center and focus, inspires altered states, and relaxes the nervous system. Orange is uplifting and bright, and clove adds a touch of spice. This blend helps you feel optimistic, passionate, and focused on your intentions for 2015.

    • 1 oz frankincense resin
    • ½ tsp crushed cloves
    • 10 drops orange essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

    If your cloves aren’t already crushed, you can crush them with a mortar and pestle, a hand-crank grinder, or coffee grinder. They don’t have to be crushed into a fine powder. It's okay if they're in small chunks!

    Put your frankincense resin in a 1 oz jar, and stir in the crushed cloves. Then add your drops of essential oil, stirring as you go.


    Prosperity Incense

    For this loose incense recipe, we recommend adding an ingredient that's found abundantly in your local area. This could be apples (use dried apple peel), citrus (dried orange peel), or pine trees (crushed cones or fragrant needles). It could also be something you have plenty of on hand. (Do you always seem to have several containers of basil leaves? Use them!)
    • ¾ oz myrrh resin 
    • ½ tsp allspice
    • ¼ oz dried and crushed mint leaves
    Use the myrrh resin as your base. It's known to open your heart and mind to receiving gifts! Stir in your allspice and mint leaves, and then add your own ingredient. We like to put our incense burner on top of a dollar bill when burning this blend.


    Get creative, and burn baby burn (safely, of course)!

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