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Aromatherapy and Astrology Signs
  • Aromatherapy and astrology complement one another beautifully!

    Aromatherapy and astrology are both arts that we can work with from emotional and energetic angles.

    Each astrological sign aligns with a set of characteristics. That doesn’t mean that everyone who identifies with that astrological sign has all of those characteristics. It’s more like an astrology sign is a blueprint of different possibilities. Some people live into certain aspects of the blueprint, while others live into other aspects. It’s always possible to change and grow into different parts of the blueprint.

    And some people play outside the lines of their blueprint altogether!

    Aromatherapy can help you live into your best blueprint, aligning your energy with your aspirations. It can bring out what’s best about your astrology sign, and help balance some of the more negative aspects.

    Here’s a run-down of aromatherapy oils that can work with your astrology sign.



    Aries are natural leaders. Their optimism and dynamic energy create a driving, persistent force that pushes their dreams forward, and provides leadership to others. They’re inspiring, adventurous, and have high standards. With all the adventure and energy in the room, drama and misunderstandings are sometimes quick to follow.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To protect against drama, clear away any obstacles, and stay inspired (and inspiring!), use juniper and sweet orange essential oils.



    Taurans are loyal to what they believe and who they love. They can come across as attractive social butterflies, or silent steadfast forces. They often seem happy and optimistic, but this doesn’t mean they don’t feel pressure. They just have deep reserves of inner strength to support them through it. They can be stubborn, and may be slow to open their minds and hearts to different ways of doing things.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To ground your forward-moving energy and keep your mind and heart open, use blue cypress and eucalyptus essential oils.



    This air sign is the great communicator of the zodiac. They can talk almost as fast as they think, and they’re always hungry for new experiences and knowledge. Their passion means others see them as dynamic, attractive, and inspiring. Variety is the spice of life to Geminis. Geminis can be passionate about many things, so they may become a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    For steady, grounded communication and to focus your attention, use coriander and rosemary.



    Cancer is famous for being the nest builder of the zodiac, but that doesn’t mean Cancers don’t love adventure. It just means they need to feel secure before any adventure is worth the risk. They love peace and avoid conflict. The Crab’s thick shell often makes them come across as aloof or reserved, but they actually feel things very deeply. If they’re going to let their emotions out, they have to feel secure doing so.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To protect your heart while opening it up to vulnerability and love, use rose and caraway.



    Leos like attention, and they often receive it. They’re charismatic, optimistic, and attractive to friends (and often to fortune). They like to use their spotlight to benefit others, and feel good when they’re making others feel good. That’s part of what makes them such excellent leaders. In the best cases, Leos can be wise, powerful, and inspiring. On the lower end of the spectrum, they can be drama queens who are sensitive to criticism.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To encourage self-worth that stems from your inner self, and doesn't rely on the approval of others, use vetiver and rose.



    Virgos approach life with structure and detail, and like to channel this energy into creating warm spaces that make their friends and families feel welcome. They’re caring, compassionate, creative, and sensitive. They care about what the people in their life think, and will go out of their way to make people happy. They can sometimes cross the line into over-thinking or nitpicking over details.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To promote confidence in what you create and calm over-thinking, use cedarwood and myrrh.




    Libras believe in the beauty of their dreams . . . even when those dreams don’t exactly come true. They’re creative business people, and their work can offer a lot of room for them to express multiple aspects of their talents (which are many). They’re independent, but appreciate real partnerships that can help them fulfill their dreams. They're open to possibility, and sometimes say “Yes” a little more often than they should.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To support your heart and ground your dreams in real world actions, use patchouli, jasmine, and geranium.



    A Scorpio’s heart can be represented by the depth and breadth of the ocean. They feel deeply, but can seem mysterious to others. Their strong presence makes them magnetic, but Scorpios aren’t usually interested in smalltalk or shallow friendships. They prefer deep connections with people. They’re often psychically intuitive. They may, however, find themselves hypnotized by their own power.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To open yourself to psychic experiences and deep love in actionable ways, use elemi and vetiver.



    Sagittarians are the Archers of the astrology signs. They set goals and achieve them, so it’s not difficult for them to believe that anything is possible. Sagittarians have a love for explorationof other cultures, ways of being, and new peoplebut they have to balance it with a strong personal identity that may not allow them to really explore new ideas in their own lives.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To stay connected to your identity while opening yourself to new experiences and people, use laurel leaf and cardamom.



    Capricorns are another zodiac sign that’s skilled at achieving their goals. With patience and persistence (and sometimes stubborness!), they’re willing to do whatever it takes to get where they’re going—whether that’s the top of a corporate ladder, or just making the home they want for their family. They sometimes work a little too hard, and need to be reminded to play.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To balance your steadfast work ethic with a little more play, and to invite more affection into your life, use sandalwood and grapefruit.




    Aquarians aren’t interested in following the crowd. They prefer to follow their hearts. They’re free thinkers who dance to the beat of their own drum, generating new ideas and ways of being that often spill over to impact the lives of others. Aquarians love to see their ideas in action helping others. Their minds are so innovative that they can get caught up in their own thoughts.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To calm over-active thoughts and open to insights from your higher mind (instead of poorly conceived ideals), use frankincense and cardamom.




    Pisceans are dreamers, visionaries, thinkers, and mystics. They see the world as a fluid place, where fantasies can come true and miracles often happen. Disillusionment sometimes follows, but it can’t stop a Pisces from dreaming bravely ahead. They love to innovate, create, and give to others. Caring for others can make them feel important.

    Aromatherapy oils:

    To protect your generous heart as you move forward in the direction of your dreams, use ylang ylang, myrrh, and orange.


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