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Tazeka is aromatherapy that blends science, spirit, and style.


Tazeka Aromatherapy is open for business!
  • We’re so excited to be launching Tazeka Aromatherapy!

    Tazeka existed in our minds for years, and to see it become a reality that we can share with you all is a dream come true. We’re opening our virtual doors with seventeen specially formulated aromatherapy blends (crafted by Zena, our fearless leader and a Clinical Aromatherapist!).

    Our aromatherapy roll-on blends are made with pure essential oils from, organic, wild-crafted or unsprayed plants, all blended in a base of organic jojoba wax. Zena’s recipes are based on scientific research, and in addition to offering real benefits for the body, they work on energetic and emotional levels.

    Frankincense essential oil, for example, has been researched for its ability to stimulate channels in the brain that can reduce anxiety and depression. It also works on energetic levels to release blocked Chi in the head, can help clear the mind of stagnant, repetitive, or unhelpful thoughts, and makes room for fresh ideas, energy, and feelings.

    That kind of holistic, whole-person effect is what you’ll find in all Tazeka blends!

    Not sure which Tazeka Aromatherapy roll-on will be your favorite? We’ve got convenient 2 ml-sized samples that are just enough to show you how the right roll-on can bring out your best every day.

    We’re especially excited about these Must-Have blends that we’re getting amazing feedback on!

    Starting February 4th, order Aphrodite and Ares and we’ll send you a FREE Confidence aromatherapy roll-on as a Valentine’s Day special!


    Who couldn't use a little shot of Confidence when it comes to romance and love?

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    We're so excited to see where the journey leads from here, and we hope you'll join us on the way!

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