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Romance for One: Aromatherapy Valentine's Suggestions for Singles
  • Aromatherapy to help make Valentine's Day a celebration of self love.

    Okay, single people far and wide—we know that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a big deal. You’re allowed to ignore it. But we also think this day is a great opportunity to love yourself up, to remind yourself how amazing you are, and to let your heart be filled with love for what you have to celebrate.

    So we’ve put together a Romance for One routine that you can do on Valentine’s evening, or any night of the year you’re needing a little self love.

    We’ll start with a warm, relaxing bath. We know—you’re busy, and maybe you don’t usually have time for baths. But it’s Valentine’s Day! Fill up that tub with warm water and climb on in. We suggest soaking for at least 20 minutes to really give your body time to relax. You might want to light a few candles and dim the lights, to signal your brain that this is time to wind down and let go.

    Here’s a relaxing, romantic bath salt blend that can make it more of an occasion.


    Pink Rose Petal Bath Salts

    • 2 oz pink Himalayan salt
    • 1 drop rose absolute
    • ½ cup dried rose petals
    • 3 drops Roman chamomile
    • 3 drops Hawaiian sandalwood

    Stir all the oil drops and the rose petals into the pink salts, then just add the blend to your tub full of warm water. It’s enough for one bath.

    After you get out of the bath, dry off with a big fluffy towel and moisturize yourself all over with some romantic, self-love body oil.


    Skin Love is Self Love Body Oil

    • 1 oz jojoba
    • 1 drop ylang ylang
    • 3 drops myrrh
    • 2 drops cedarwood

    After you’re all moisturized, you can roll one of our romance blends over your pulse points. Aphrodite & Ares are a his & hers pair of Tazeka aromatherapy oils, but just rolling on one can really help you reconnect with yourself and your sensuality. These blends are all about opening your heart and enjoying your senses, and you can do that whether you’re paired up or single.

    Order both Aphrodite & Ares by Valentine's Day 2015, and we'll send you a FREE "Confidence" blend!

    End the night with a relaxing linen spray to make your bed extra comfy.


    Rose & Vetiver Linen Spray

    • 4 oz rose hydrosol
    • 15 drops lavender
    • 5 drops vetiver

    Spritz it on your sheets and pillowcases. A bonus of this linen spray is that it’s great for your skin, so you can use it as body mist, too!

    You can vary this blend by just using the rose hydrosol alone, or by leaving out the vetiver. We like the warm, grounding balance the vetiver brings to the soft, comforting florals, though.


    Here are some other ways you can make your Romance for One night special:

    • Open a bottle of wine and drink it slowly. If you don’t drink, there are some amazing sparkling grape juices and ciders out there that can make any night feel like a celebration.
    • Order your favorite meal from your favorite restaurant, but instead of dining out, pick it up and bring it home with you. Eat it by candlelight.
    • Pick an uplifting movie and watch it while you sip your wine and dine.
    • Read a good book while you’re in the bath, or instead of watching a movie.
    • For dessert? Try a Raspberries in Dark Chocolate bar by Chocolove. (There’s a love poem inside the wrapper!)
    • List 10 things you love about yourself. No cheating! There have to be at least 10, but we hope you’ll list more. Try to dig for your really good characteristics (maybe you have a talent for making people feel welcome), instead of lingering on surface qualities (maybe you have amazing skin).
    • List 5 things you’re going to do in the next month to have fun. You heard usfun! Don’t worry about self-growth or moving in the direction of your dreams. This list is just about letting go and remembering to connect with the things in life that bring you joy and turn you on.
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