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Yin Aromatherapy
  • Connect with Your Inner Wisdom with Yin Aromatherapy

    Yin Aromatherapy

    About Yin and Yang

    Yin and Yang are polar energetic opposites.

    Yang is dynamic and active. It’s got a very “Let’s do it!” attitude.

    Yin is receptive and reflective. It’s more “Let’s process this and decide what to do next.”

    Both are important to living a balanced life. Without Yin, Yang’s active energy would be misdirected. You might get things done . . . but they might be the wrong things.

    And without Yang, Yin’s deep wisdom would have no way to express in the world. Although you might know what to do, you may lack the energy or courage to do it.

    This time of year, Yin energy is very abundant. Its season is winter, and its time of day is the night. Yin energy calls us to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. It calls us to stop trying to logic our way through life, and connect with our hearts. Sometimes it’s not easy to listen to the quiet strong pulses of our hearts, because our minds are being so chatty.

    Go this way, Yin Heart says.

    What are you talking about?! Yang Mind counters. How about NO WAY! We’ve got to figure out something more rational.

    Yin Heart is not perturbed. Go this way, She says again.


    Yin Aromatherapy Oils

    Choose essential oils that promote relaxation and reflection, and which help you center and connect with your emotions. Good Yin aromatherapy oils are often top notes, meaning they have very bright, noticeable aromas.

    In truth, no essential oils are solely Yin or Yang. Some oils can be characterized one way or the other, but even strongly Yin oils contain elements of Yang.

    A few good Yin aromatherapy choices are:

    • Lavender
    • Rose
    • Roman chamomile
    • Frankincense
    • Melissa
    • Lemon
    • Cypress

    Also ask yourself which aromas bring up strong emotions for you personally. Anything that makes your heart feel full of feeling is an aromatherapy oil to trust when you’re connecting with Yin energy.


    How to Use Yin Aromatherapy Oils

    Make yourself a perfume or body oil in 1 oz jojoba oil. Use 6 drops of essential oil total in your blend. 3 drops cypress, 1 drop Roman chamomile, and 1 drop rose is a beautiful combination! Anoint your chakras and pulse points.

    If you’re using citrus oil, stick to 1 or 2 drops per ounce in your oil. (Using too much can lead to reactions with sunlight.)

    You can also diffuse the oils, in which case you can use more drops. Try 10 drops at a time in a diffuser while you're meditating, journaling, or relaxing in a warm bath.

    This is the time to ask your heart for guidance. Ask the tough questions and open your mind to receive the answers. Sometimes they come in unexpected ways!


    Spend some time connecting with your Yin energy, your inner wisdom, and your dreams. But don’t forget that you’ll soon need to balance it back out with Yang. All the wisdom in the world is no good if you can’t put it to use.

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    • Mar 20, 2017

      Thank you. This was a helpful page. I am looking to increase feelings of gentleness and femininity and thought that using essential oil might help support this.

      — Zara Polden

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