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Thank you MarktheSpaman!
  • Aromatherapy is old as history and has been around before the Bible times. One thing that comes to mind is 'anointing' and having my feet washed and then essential oils applied. I took a yoga class in Miami, Florida years ago where the yoga instructor washed your feet (there were only 6 or 8 of us) after class. I thought that was quiet interesting and very special as I had never experienced this before. This brought me back to Bible stories about cleansing of a person's feet. Why would she do such a thing? It has to do with Jesus of Nazareth suggesting that “no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.” From a student to a teacher and back again life is continuous learning and essential oils along with aromatherapy are the basic ingredients.

    Rituals using cleansing techniques and application of oils have been happening for eons. I once wrote a review on an “strigil” an ancient oil scrapers from the Greek and Roman times. I enjoy researching and working with such 'historical' ingredients and tools. Being @MarktheSpaman online I alwas harp back to how the word spa is always health through water and all the things that are associated with cleanliness and 'wellness' of the body, mind and spirit. Skin being the largest organ in our bodies has the distinct advantage of being the first place to apply any kind of cream, lotion or oil application. Of course water being the first and foremost in bathing should not be forgotten!

    What can you say about aromatherapy that hasn't been said before? How can you review essential oils when the first words describe what they are? What you should know is that aromatherapy uses a variety of plant materials, aromatic plant oils (including essential oils) and other compounds for the “purpose of altering one's mood, cognitive, psychological or physical well-being”. Aromatherapy utilizes “blends of therapeutic essential oils that can be issued through topical application, massage, inhalation or water immersion to stimulate a desired response.” Doesn't this sound like a definition to what therapies do at a spa? Wouldn't this be the purpose of complementary and alternative medicine?

    What about adding aromatherapy as a congruent and complimentary to the building of ones health? I have read articles on how prescription medicines are copies of plant based ingredients and alternatives to herbs and plant compounds. Lets use the originals from history – essential oils as complementary to your personal wellness. They are not addictive and do not cause extreme unhealthy and actions that you read about in the headlines.

    The Tazeka Aromatherapy essentials are just that 'essential'.  Tazeka is the new way of working with aromatherapy blends that include old world knowledge and new methods of alchemy. Benefits include: portable (very travel wise) sizes for the home and office, bright and easy to read and understand packaging, smart presentation with plenty of product using real glass, metals and encasing that would protect the product. The applicator is just the right size for it to glide onto your skin in the right places. 

    For a spa, this retail item would work well; it's boxed in the perfect size with easy to read lettering and is brightly colored for an eye catching display. Larger back bar sizes are available so that your customer can experience the aromatherapy benefits after the spa visit.

    All in all I would give it the Five Hot Stone rating for great aromatherapy blends integrating science, spirit and a great sense of modern style and convenience

    MarktheSpaman lives in Dallas, Texas and is a spa and wellness enthusiast. Mark’s quest and passion for spa and wellness began years ago when he worked with the Upledger Institute in South Florida as an educational services representative. One of his favorite work assignments was the introduction of the Thai herbal ball/compress to the spa market at Mark can be found on Twitter @MarktheSpaman and other Social Media or by e-mail at and 972-415-4SPA.




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