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10 Ways to Get Natural Healthy Skin from Within
  • We often talk about skin care in terms of using natural oils, moisturizers, and essential oils for your face. All of that is important.

    But it’s also important to remember . . . the building blocks that your body uses for producing healthy skin, start deep within. Your body will create your skin based on the tools it has to work with. Everyone’s body is different, but in general, this means eating a nutrient-rich diet, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep.

    Essential Oils for Nerve Pain
  • Unfortunately, at some time in their lives many people are plagued by acute, recurring or chronic nerve pain. Fortunately, essential oils can be very effective in helping to relieve both...

    Aromatherapy and Addiction Recovery (Part 2)
  • (N.B.: No statement in this blog is intended as medical advice.) As I noted in the previous blog (Aromatherapy and Addiction Recovery Part 1), addiction casts a dramatically broad net—it...

    Aromatherapy and Addiction Recovery (Part 1)
  • Addiction—whether to a substance like alcohol or opiates, or to a behavior like gambling or shopping—is a scourge in contemporary society. The condition has been described as a spiritual disorder,...

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