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Essential oils can enhance your memory.
  • One of the classic uses of essential oils is memory and mental acuity.

    Some plants have been used this way since ancient times, and recent research is revealing just why essential oils are so effective for memory.

    Lifestyle changes and aromatherapy blends for headaches
  • This week’s topic is how to handle headaches. The goal is to soothe the pain or prevent it altogether, and ultimately find long-term solutions to stop headaches from disrupting your daily life. One option is using aromatherapy blends for headaches.
    What causes headaches, anyway?
  • Headaches are one of the most common health problems people face every day. Most headaches fall under the definition of “stress headaches” or “tension headaches.” They can cause pain throughout the head, only on one side of the head, in an isolated area, or even radiating down through the neck, shoulders, and upper back.X
    Warm up with essential oils!
  • Warming oils seem to stimulate blood flow and help dilate blood vessels, so more blood can get through. This is thanks to the chemical components in the oils.

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