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Top 5 Most Expensive Essential Oils (+ affordable substitutes!)
  • If you love essential oils, you have probably noticed—some essential oils are expensive! Why so much money for a little bottle of oil?

    It has to do with how much plant material is needed to produce the essential oil, and the amount of labor it takes to harvest the plant (and make the oil).

    For example, it might take 3 pounds of lavender plant material to produce 15 ml of essential oil. But for rose essential oil, it can take 30 rose blossoms to produce just 1 drop.

    Our Top 5 Essential Oils for All-Natural Skin Care
  • There are SO MANY excellent essential oils for skin care and skin repair!

    It was not easy to narrow our list down to 5. But we want to keep things straightforward for you when you’re making your own all-natural skin care. Even though there is a lot to know about essential oil science, that’s no reason you should start to feel confused.

    Here is our easy-to-use top 5 guide.

    Tazeka Aromatherapy is open for business!
  • We’re so excited to be launching Tazeka Aromatherapy! Tazeka existed in our minds for years, and to see it become a reality that we can share with you all is...

    How to Choose the Right Conifer Essential Oils
  • There are a lot of different conifer essential oils. They all have wonderful wintery, foresty smells, perfect for the holidays. They share some of the same therapeutic properties, too. It...

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