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Essential oils can enhance your memory.
  • One of the classic uses of essential oils is memory and mental acuity.

    Some plants have been used this way since ancient times, and recent research is revealing just why essential oils are so effective for memory.

    Use essential oils for spring cleaning!
  • Spring cleaning works on more than a physical level. It’s also an opportunity to clear out old energy that’s become stagnant through the winter—in your space and in your spirit. If you view it as a chance to clean up your mental and emotional space, the physical act of cleaning takes on deeper resonance.
    How to use essential oils for long hair.
  • Try blending these essential oils for long hair in an ounce of jojoba wax or avocado oil. Both are great for nourishing your scalp and protecting your hair. We’re recommending five essential oils for long hair. Stick to about 20 drops of essential oil total.
    Shea butter is a big business for African women.
  • Over the next five years, the shea butter industry is expected to grow by $500 million. With more demand comes higher visibility and public awareness. That means more people are fighting for a fair deal for the women who produce sheaX

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