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The History of Aromatherapy (Part One)
  • Aromatherapy isn’t a new age phenomenon. People have been using aromatic plants, flowers, herbs and oils for longer than recorded history. Let’s back up a bit, and see just how...

    Nitrogen Blanketing
  • Shelf life is a big topic in the aromatherapy world. Pretty much every aromatherapy and essential-oils blog, book, or commercial website discusses how crucial it is that the oils remain...

    Essential Oil Spotlight: Cardamom
  • We get essential oils from different parts of different plants, but it always starts with a seed—like a cardamom seed. Cardamom essential oil is extracted from the seeds. Its aroma...

    Essential Oils for Nerve Pain
  • Unfortunately, at some time in their lives many people are plagued by acute, recurring or chronic nerve pain. Fortunately, essential oils can be very effective in helping to relieve both...

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