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Love Spells
  • Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and our thoughts are turning, inevitably, to love. Chocolates and champagne, red roses and romantic dinners are all very well and good if you’ve already met the love of your life (though we would just like to point out that surely these are all things that should be enjoyed on a regular basis, rather than just once a year!). But what about those of us still looking for our Valentine?

    Of course there are lots of practical things you can do to put yourself in the path of love, but we’re hopeless romantics, still smitten by the idea of eyes meeting across a crowded room, of twin souls and soul mates destined to meet no matter what.

    A Chinese proverb claims:

    “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.”

    How lovely is that? But what if you just keep waiting and waiting? We reckon there’s nothing wrong with giving that red thread a bit of a twitch so we’re sharing our favorite love spell along with two extra special aroma-blends.


    Love Spell to Find Your Dream Partner

    Ideally cast this spell on a Friday (dedicated to Aphrodite/Venus). You will need three slim candles (red, orange and pink), a needle, and the oil blends – recipes below. For extra oomph, add our Aphrodite blend!

    1. Take a shower and envisage yourself being cleansed of the past. Imagine all your old hurts and failed relationships sliding off your skin and disappearing down the plughole.
    2. Slowly and mindfully massage your whole body with the True Love body oil. Don’t you dare be negative about your body! Focus on loving every last inch of it. Remember you are a goddess in human form!
    3. Dress in clean clothes – pick something that feels sensual next to your skin.
    4. Now put on some music that symbolises ‘love’ to you. Don’t use anything that reminds you of past loves – imagine you’re picking your new ‘our song’.
    5. Light up your diffuser and add six drops of our Come to me! blend. Why six? It’s Aphrodite’s favorite number.
    6. Think about what you want from your ideal partner. Write down all the characteristics on a piece of paper. Be precise but avoid thinking about a particular person. Next write down all the reasons you are ready for this relationship right now. Finally, put down anything that you feel is standing in your way.
    7. On the red candle, write (using your needle), “I, (your name), am now ready for passion in my life.” On the orange candle repeat the process saying, “I, (your name), now choose friendship and fun.” And on the yellow candle write, “I, (your name), invite love and romance into my life.” Be careful and be mindful as you write – put all your intent into your spell.

    8. Light your candles one by one. Sit quietly, breathing in the scent from the diffuser and watching the flames. Visualise your partner to be, and imagine them gazing deeply into your eyes. Feel the twitch of the red thread - where do you feel it? In your heart? In your solar plexus? Somewhere else?
    9. Spend as long as you like meditating on the flame, keeping your thoughts positive, putting your intent into the flames.
    10. Carefully (be very careful!) commit your piece of paper to the flames, asking the healing power of fire to cleanse and clear you of anything standing in the way of love.
    11. If it’s safe, leave your candles to turn out naturally. This allows the ritual to work more deeply.
    12. To keep the spirit of the spell alive throughout the days that follow, apply our Aphrodite blend on your pulse points.


    Come to Me! Diffuser Stock Blend

    (add few drops to diffuser)

    • 6 drops Patchouli
    • 3 drops Rose Absolute
    • 2 drops Jasmine
    • 8 drops Blood Orange
    • 4 drops Grapefruit


    True Love Body Oil

    • 4 drops Neroli
    • 3 drops Nutmeg
    • 4 drops Jasmine
    • 3 drops Black Pepper
    • 4 drops Ylang Ylang
    • 10 drops Tuberose
    • 30ml Jojoba


    Disclaimer: Handle needles and fire with care. We can take no responsibility for any liaisons that may occur as a result of casting this spell! Your love life is your own responsibility! Please cast your spells mindfully. 



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