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Tazeka is aromatherapy that blends science, spirit, and style.

Tazeka Favorites

Jane Alexander

  • exmoorjane.com

    by journalist, author, and blogger - Jane Alexander

    Exmoorjane is a lovely website dedicated to health, wellbeing, fitness, psychology, spirituality, and travel.

    Faith and the Fragrance Fairy
  • Faith and the Fragrance Fairy

    by Gina Flores

    Faith is a brave and determined girl who decides SOMEONE has got to change her city, and soon, so why not HER! And so begins her magical adventure to save the flowers, plants and trees! This fantastical story is for children of all ages and adults who still believe in MAGIC!

    Your Middle Years
  • Your Middle Years

    by Paula Mee and Kate O'Brien

    Don’t fear your middle years – embrace them feeling STRONG, VIBRANT and in CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY!

    Essential Oils Resource Consultants
  • providers of research, information and education in the field of essential oils

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