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Tazeka is aromatherapy that blends science, spirit, and style.

About Zena Hallam

aromatherapist, alchemist, and spiritualist


Zena Hallam is a certified aromatherapist, reflexologist, and modern day alchemist.

She first experienced the power of natural therapies as a girl in Guyana, South America, watching her mother heal the people of her village—including her grandmother, who would have lost her leg and then her life to diabetes, if not for Zena’s mother’s knowledge of herbal medicine.

Watching others heal and thrive was a truly transformative experience for Zena. She decided to formally study natural methods of healing, including reflexology, but when she immersed herself in the world of essential oils, she knew she was on to something special. She studied aromatherapy in the US, England, and France, and earned certification as a clinical aromatherapist.


Essential oils helped Zena balance and heal through some of the lowest points in her life.

She fell in love with so many oils and wanted to take them all on her travels. But that wasn’t practical, so she began to blend. She created blends to keep her spirits up, keep her body balanced, and keep her mind from going in circles. Soon she was creating blends for friends and family, too.

With aromatherapy, Zena transformed her experience of life and the lives of those she loves.

With Tazeka, Zena hopes to transform your experience too—from illness to wellness, from sadness to smiles, and from too-many-obstacles to anything-is-possible.


Through it all, Zena has never lost sight of what’s important: love, family, and friends. She believes there’s a real connection between wellness, happiness, and beauty. “Everyone is beautiful,” Zena says. “Naturally. If only we care for ourselves, our bodies and spirits, our beauty always shines through.”

That’s where aromatherapy can be so powerful.

“I think natural healing is in my blood,” Zena says. “And the mark of a healer is, we want to help everyone we can. That’s why I created Tazeka.”

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