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Aroma Space Clearing for the Home
  • What’s your home made of? Walls, roof, floor, furniture? No! Your home is made of energy, pure and simple – the ‘solid’ things we see and feel around us are just vibrating at a denser frequency (ask a quantum physicist if you don’t believe us). Now, imagine you didn’t clean the physical aspects of your home for, say a month? How about a year? Ten years? Just imagine the filth!

    Now think about what has happened, energetically speaking, in your home over the last ten years alone. There will have been good times, we hope, but also the odd argument and sulk. You might have felt depressed or angry or sad – or other people (whether living with you or just visiting) might have left their own feelings hanging around the place. It’s highly unlikely that your home has ever been cleared energetically so, if you live in an old place, that means there could be hundreds of years of psychic muck stuck around the place.

    In cultures where the concept of vital energy is understood, people will spend as much time on psychic cleaning as they do on physical housework. You can always tell when a space has been cleansed – it feels clear, bright, welcoming and safe.

    There are masses of techniques for clearing space but we like this one, which combines elements from Balinese and Native American traditions.  You will need an incense burner that you can carry around, our special Clear and Cleanse incense and our Home Harmony diffuser blend. If you prefer, you can use a smudge stick instead of the incense.

    1. Shower yourself. You can add a couple of drops of rosemary oil* to your shower mitt to help purify your aura. Dress in clean clothes but keep your feet bare. Open a window to allow negative energy to leave during your cleansing.

    2. Anoint yourself with Meditation Guru on your pulse points.
    3. Go to the center of your home and spend a few moments calmly breathing and centering yourself. If you have any spirit guides or spiritual beliefs you might ask for help, or say a prayer.

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    4. Light your charcoal incense burner. When the charcoal has stopped fizzing, add a little of the incense blend. Now go around your whole home, wafting the smoke into every corner and cranny of your space (you can use a large feather to direct it further, if you have one).

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    5. When you’re done, place your incense burner back in the centre of your space. Now go round the home again, clapping out each corner. Clap your hands together, starting at the bottom of the wall, and swiftly clapping up to the ceiling. Visualise all the stale old energy leaving your space. When you’ve finished wash your hands.
    6. Now go round again, balancing the energy by ringing a bell if you have one. Imagine you’re creating a sacred path of sound.
    7. Light up your diffuser and add seven drops of the Home Harmony
    8. Stamp your feet, shake your body and have a good stretch. Does your home feel different?

    Clear and Cleanse Incense

    • Copal Resin
    • White Sage


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    Home Harmony Diffuser Blend

    • 4 drops Cypress
    • 3 drops Juniper Berry
    • 3 drops Frankincense



    *Do not use rosemary oil if you suffer from epilepsy.

    You should not perform space clearing if you are pregnant, unwell, or have your period.

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