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5 Top Tips for Clutter Clearing
  • We are soooo done with winter! Bring on spring, and bring it on fast! Thank heavens for the Spring Equinox coming up on 21st March, a time to welcome a fresh new start after the long hibernation of winter.

    Feeling the urge for a new direction, to get things going in your life (whether it’s career, or relationships or creative endeavours)? The first thing you need to do is get your home crisp and clean. Clear home, clear mind: see our earlier post on Space Clearing for more.

    So it’s time to go ninja on all the stuff that’s, well, stuffing your space. How? Simple. First of all anoint yourself with our Motivation blend. If the thought of all that clearing makes you feel a bit emotionally wobbly, mix it up with some Balance too.   Now put on some feel-good music – something that makes you feel bright and positive.

    Some clutter clearing is straightforward – a simple case of recycling or taking to the charity shop. But we find there are five major sticking points for clearing clutter. So here are our top tips for blasting through the excuses.


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    1. The problem: other people’s stuff. You know the score – people ask you to store their junk and, before you know it, your place has more of their stuff than yours.

      The solution: Put it all in a box (or a room!) and send out ‘collect your stuff’ invitations. Say you’re clearing out and that (sorry!) but anything remaining will be donated to charity.
    1. The problem: family heirlooms and old-fashioned hand-me-down furniture, pictures, tea services, glassware – you name it, we’ve all got it. Usually one member of the family gets designated as the ‘keeper of the scrolls’ – don’t let it be you!

      The solution: Offer family stuff to other members of your tribe. If they don’t want them, agree to sell (if they’re valuable) and have a family outing with the proceeds. Don’t be guilt-tripped into keeping stuff just because it comes with a family history.
    1. The problem: Nearly new clothes you just don’t like and those hideous expensive mistakes.

      The solution: Yes, it looked okay in the store – we’ve all done it so there’s no shame. No, you won’t grow to like them in time and they will drag you down every time you see them in the closet. Take them to dress agencies or have a swap party for your friends. Not an option? Donate to a charity or a local women’s shelter – just think, the coat you hate will make someone’s day.
    1. The problem: That over-spilling medicine cupboard or that stuffed-to-the-gills dressing table.

      The solution: These things have sell-by dates for a good reason so kindly remind yourself that your body and face won’t love the hoarding. Safely dispose of old medicines (usually to your pharmacist) and dump old cosmetics (usually older than a year). Lots of nearly new but not quite you beauty buys? Time for a girls’ night with everyone getting a going-home goodie bag!

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    1. The problem: Shelves stacked with books, CDs and DVDs. Or piles randomly arranged everywhere.

      The solution: Ask yourself why you’re holding onto them in these days of downloads and digital. If you genuinely love them, not a problem – clever storage can make them a feature. But if you’re holding onto them for ego reasons (you think they make you look cultured or interesting), then it’s time for a little self-shrinking and let go.


    All done? Sit back with a nice cup of coffee or your favorite herbal tea blend and look around your lovely clear space. Now doesn’t that feel better?



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