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Find Your Confidence
  • If you’ve got confidence, you can conquer the world. If we were a fairy godmother, confidence is the gift we’d give every child over and above good looks, wealth, talents and skills. Yet so many of us find our lives are scuppered by lack of confidence – it’s why Zena, our founder, was so passionate about creating a blend that could help people find their ‘I’m a superhero’ mojo. It’s also why Confidence is one of our bestsellers.

    So, we suggest you dab on some Confidence to put you in the mood and get working on these exercises to boost that inner sense of worth and value.


    Get Some Perspective

    Sit down with a pen and paper – we’d choose a bright zingy confident red pen but it’s up to you! Let’s conduct an honest appraisal of your life.

    • Write down every single achievement in your life – from learning to ride a bike, to making friends, to getting a job. This should be a very loooong list.
    • Write down at least five good things about yourself.
    • Ask your best friend to describe your strengths; what s/he likes most about you.
    • Resist the urge to say, ‘yes but…’ or to compare yourself to anyone else. We are all completely unique.       This is your life, not someone else’s – so don’t hanker after other people’s lives and personalities. One important thing – you don’t have to be an extrovert to be confident. There is something very beguiling about the quiet power of a self-assured introvert!


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    Visualize Success

    Quite often fear of success holds us back. Ask yourself: ‘What would happen if I were confident?’ Maybe you have subconscious reasons for staying the way you are. Try completing these sentences (without censoring yourself), thinking of both positive and negative effects:

    If I had a better job I would have to…………..

    If I had a committed relationship, I would need to…………

    If I were totally successful, I would……….



    Five Super-Confidence Boosters 

    1. Feeling good in your body is key to feeling good in your mind, so get active. Any type of exercise will help, but martial arts (judo, tae kwondo, karate and so on) can really ace your confidence.
    2. Research has found that massage increases feelings of self-worth and self-esteem. Quite often old memories and the origins of self-doubt and lack of confidence can surface too. So massage can have a strong psychological effect, releasing old traumas and resolving unfinished business.
    3. We are what we think - our thoughts produce actual physical reactions in the body. Try affirmations to shift your thinking. Write out the phrase ‘I love and approve of myself’ twenty times a day for at least ten days. Also write down any reactions you have to it (whether positive or negative). It may sound cheesy but persist and you should notice surprising results.
    4. When you use your voice fully, you immediately sound more forceful and important. Voice trainers and sound therapists often give workshops but you can do a lot on your own. Start singing: join in with the radio or a favorite CD. Find what pitch you feel happy with and really belt out the songs.    
    5.  Australian Bush Flower essence Five Corners is the supreme confidence-booster - it teaches love and acceptance of self. Bach flower remedy Wild Oat helps if you are not sure which direction to take in life.



    Aromatherapy oils have powerful effects on your emotions as well as your physical body.

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    • Rosemary warms and invigorates both the body and mind; uplifts the spirit and brings inspiration.

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    • Laurel helps boost low self-esteem; it's great if you feel you're not clever enough.  

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    • For low morale, try Thyme: it helps overcome feelings of self-doubt and defeatism.
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