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The Power of Color
  • It’s no secret that we love color here at Tazeka. It’s not just a question of aesthetics though – we choose colors for our packaging to add to the healing properties of the blend. Far-fetched? Not so. An increasing body of research shows that color has a distinct effect on us, both physiologically and psychologically.

    Viewing certain colors actually evokes physical change. David Rainey, PhD of John Carroll University in Ohio, discovered that literally seeing red can stimulate the glandular system and increase heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Patients with high blood pressure were able to lower their blood pressure on demand simply by visualizing the color blue. When they visualized red, their blood pressure rose.

    So it’s no surprise that we chose cooling, soothing, relaxing shades of blue for Tension Tonic and Peaceful Slumber. Blue and turquoise can also help to calm inflammatory conditions and boost the immune system – a perfect fit for Breathe Easy and Travel Companion.

    Equally we picked zingy reds and pinks for our go out and get ‘em blends, Confidence and Motivation. Color therapist Lilian Verner Bonds, author of Healing Color for Health and Wellbeing (Southwater) is wild about red: “Red has the thrust that drives you on to achieve greater things,” she says. “Pure scarlet is the color of entrepreneurs, speculators and originators. Crimson helps you speak up and be forthright, while russet red is for quiet confidence, an enthusiasm that does not draw attention to itself. Cerise is useful if you want people to talk to you, it’s warm and approachable.”

    Orange also has intriguing effects on our psyche. “Orange encourages us to wake up to our inner potential, stand up for ourselves and be more confident,” says color researcher Marie Louise Lacy, author of The Power of Color to Heal the Environment (Rainbow Bridge). “Orange lets us make our dreams come true, communicate our inner feelings and express them. It is the color of vitality, creativity and warmth.”

    So no surprises why we chose it for our Balance blend.

    Equally yellow is the obvious choice for Optimism. It gives a gentle ego-boost, fosters greater self-esteem and generally makes us feel uplifted and cheery. When Canadian researchers put people in a yellow room, they found they sat down and started chatting – it made them more sociable.

    There are so many ways you can use color – wearing a splash of a color (a scarf, a bag, a belt) can give a subtle boost – or pick out a bunch of flowers to guide your mood in the right direction. A subtle yet powerful technique is Color Breathing – try it for yourself!


    Color Breathing

    Lie down or sit in a comfortable chair and allow yourself to relax. Breathe comfortably and deeply, but keep the rhythm of your breathing natural and relaxed.

    Now imagine yourself bathed in the color you choose. As you breathe in imagine the color entering your body through your solar plexus (just above your abdomen) and spreading throughout your body. As you breathe out, visualize the complementary color suffusing and leaving your body.

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    • RED: gives energy and vitality; it increases your strength and also your sexuality. Use red when you are lacking in energy, when you’re so exhausted you can barely think. Its complement is TURQUOISE.

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    • ORANGE is for fun, for happiness and sheer joy. If you are feeling dull and gloomy or fed up with your work, choose orange. Its complement is BLUE.

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    • YELLOW is a wonderful colour for studying and concentrating, as it stimulates your intellectual and mental powers and increases your ability to be objective. It increases detachment and helps if you are feeling oversensitive or controlled by other people, or when you can’t let go. Its complement is VIOLET.

    • GREEN is the great healer. Use it to cleanse, to balance and to purify your system. It is useful if you continually take your work home with you or take your home worries to work. It helps you to keep thoughts in balance. Its complement is MAGENTA.

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    • TURQUOISE calms and soothes; it strengthens the immune system and can help feverish conditions and inflammations. Use turquoise if you feel dominated by other people or always give in to their thoughts and ideas. Its complement is RED.

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    • BLUE relaxes and brings peace. Visualize blue when you can’t go to sleep – it’s great for insomnia. Use it also when you can’t stop and think calmly. Its complement is ORANGE.

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    • VIOLET is the color of dignity and self-respect. Breathe it in when you feel lacking in self-esteem. Use it also when you find you are putting yourself down or start to feel that, no matter how hard you try, you will never do as well as others. Its complement is YELLOW.

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    • MAGENTA is the great releaser. Breathe magenta when you need to let go of the past, of old thoughts and obsessions. It’s wonderful as a help in change, of whatever kind. It also brings out your spiritual energies. Its complement is GREEN.


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