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3 of the Best Natural Antioxidant Oils for Your Face
  • About Argan Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Pomegranate Seed Oil

    Natural Antioxidant oils for Your Face


    There was a time when “common knowledge” said to never put oil on your face.

    We’re grateful that message is changing.

    Because there are some amazing, all-natural, antioxidant-rich oils that can offer deep nourishment to your face.

    These natural oils don’t clog pores, so they don’t contribute to acne. (That’s a big concern behind the “don’t put oil on your face” message.) They’re full of antioxidants to fight free radicals, essential fatty acids that support skin cells and keep them healthy, and important vitamins, like E and A.

    Let’s touch on free radicals for a moment, and how antioxidant oils can fight them to reduce wrinkles.

    Free radicals are basically unstable molecules. They’re unstable because they have an uneven number of electrons. They are also bullies, because they wind up stealing electrons from other molecules. The free radical says “give me your electron!” and the healthy cell does . . . which now means the healthy cell is unstable, and it degrades more quickly. This can contribute to the appearance of aging.

    Antioxidants step in and say, “Wait, free radical—don’t take the healthy cell’s electron. Take mine instead.” This preserves the healthy cell’s integrity. That’s why antioxidants are often called “anti-aging” or “wrinkle reducing.”

    As for essential fatty acids for face care, we’re talking about omega fatty acids. You’ll often come across omega 6 (linoleic acid) and omega 9 (oleic acid). Both of these are excellent for acne-prone skin. (Here’s a research study which demonstrates that.)

    Essential fatty acids are the “building blocks” of healthy skin, since they are necessary for healthy cell membranes.


    We’re going to share three natural antioxidant oils for your face care routine. Then we’ll tell you how best to use them.

    Argan Oil (Argania spinosa)

    We love argan oil! It is light and silky—exactly the kind of oil you want for face care.

    Argan oil is hand-pressed from argan nuts by the women of Morocco in a traditional, labor-intensive technique. It’s often called “liquid gold.” Argan oil is so rich and nourishing that local goats actually climb up into the trees, balancing on the thin branches to eat the nuts.

    Argan oil is very rich in natural antioxidants, vitamin E, linoleic acid (omega 6) and oleic acid (omega 9).

    It’s used to help even out skin tone, moisturize, calm acne-prone skin, support anti-aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and boost elasticity.


    Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa rubiginosa)

    After the blossoms fall away from the Rosa rubiginosa plant, the remaining fruits are picked by hand. These are called “rose hips,” and can be pressed to obtain a gorgeous, light reddish-orange oil that’s known for its skin-regenerating effects.

    Rosehip seed oil is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, and both linoleic (omega 6) and linolenic (omega 3) fatty acids.

    As we mentioned, it’s popular for regenerating skin. It has also traditionally been used for evening out skin tone, fading dark spots, and helping to heal scars. An excellent natural anti-aging oil!


    Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica granatum)

    This natural antioxidant oil is pressed from (you guessed it) . . . pomegranate seeds!

    Pomegranate seed oil stands in a class of its own when it comes to natural skin care and anti-aging. That’s because it’s one of the rare plants that naturally contains an omega 5 fatty acid: CLA—aka “conjugated linoleic acid” or “punicic acid.” CLA an incredibly powerful natural plant-based antioxidant, and has been researched for its anti-inflammatory (and even anti-cancer) benefits.

    Pomegranate seed oil is used in natural anti-aging skin care oils, and can help skin cells regenerate themselves, making it great for reducing wrinkles and creating a smoother complexion overall.


    If you’re looking for the best natural antioxidant oil for your face, we suggest trying these three individually. See how your skin responds to using the oil over a week or so. If you like, you can eventually blend them together to create your own custom anti-aging skin care oil.

    There’s a lot of debate as to whether to combine a natural face oil with your regular moisturizer, or whether to use it on its own.

    This is up to you. We suggest trying it on its own for a week, and listening to your skin. If you’d like to add in your regular moisturizer, apply it before the oil, to allow the oil to create a protective barrier over the surface layers of your skin, sealing the moisture in to deeper layers.

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