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7 Ways to Have a Good Flight
  • We love traveling. There is nothing more magical than immersing yourself in a different country and a different culture, meeting new people and trying new foods, drinks, experiences. But often long-haul travel comes with a price.

    We all know the feeling of jet-lag – that brain-crushing tiredness, often accompanied by insomnia, confusion, and a general feeling of everything being wrong in the world – it hardly makes a great start to the vacation. Jet lag is caused by disruptions in the body’s biological clock, made worse by the airplane itself (the pressurized cabin, the dry atmosphere. The sheer altitude doesn’t help either, often causing headaches and nausea.

    So let’s look at some simple travel hacks to have a great flight and an even better vacation!

    1. Adjust your inner clock. A few days before you head off, slowly shift your daily routine to that of your destination. The moment you get on the plane, switch your watch to destination local time and stick to local time for your routine when you land.

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    1. Keep hydrated. Tempting though it is to relax into vacation mood with a few glasses of wine or beer on the plane, try to resist. Alcohol dehydrates you which is the last thing you need in an atmosphere which is already dry. Coffee will have a similar effect so stick to water and herbal tea.
    2. Use Travel Companion to offset any nausea. If you know you tend to get headaches, pack Headache Helper in your carry-on too. Our blends are absolutely fine to take in your carry-on bag but do remember they are liquid so will need to be put in a clear plastic bag to show to security.
    3. Shift your body. Get up and move around every half hour or so. We like to do a few simple yoga stretches in the aisle (yes, we get funny looks but so what?). Movement will help prevent puffiness and DVT (deep vein thrombosis).


    1. If you can, take an overnight flight – you’re far more likely to be able to drop off and it will be much easier to reset your body clock. Whatever flight you take, do try to catch a nap on the plane. Our Peaceful Slumber can help. Also load your phone or iPod with guided meditations and visualizations to help you relax.
    2. When you arrive, try to spend as much time as possible outside in the sunlight – it allows your body to reset its clock.
    3. Use the power of aromatherapy! There are oils to calm you down, when you need to relax and sleep, and oils to help wake you up, when you need to keep going.   Prime relaxing oils include: Roman chamomile, lavender, neroli, petitgrain, geranium, cypress. Prime energizing oils include: bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, rosemary (avoid if you suffer from epilepsy), eucalyptus. Make up our DIY blends and use as needed.

    Have a great trip!


    Deep Relax Travel Bath and Massage Oil

    This DIY blend is best used in conjunction with Peaceful Slumber and Tension Tonic. If you can, add 10 drops to a warm bath and relax for about 20 minutes. If a bath isn’t available it can also be used as a massage blend. If you make more than 100ml remember it will need to go in your hold luggage.

    Makes: One 4 oz plastic bottle of oil for the bath and massage oil


    • 4 ounces Jojoba
    • 7 drops Green Mandarin
    • 3 drops Geranium
    • 5 drops Cedarwood Virginian
    • 5 drops St John’s Wort

    Directions: Add oils to jojoba in bottle, shake gently to mix.

    Notes: Add a small capful of this bath oil to running bathwater. Wipe the tub with a clean towel after draining to avoid slippery residue from the jojoba oil.
    As a massage oil apply to the back of neck and feet.

    Not for use on children under five.




    Wide Awake Travel Spritzer

    Spritz yourself with this lively awakening blend when you need to stay awake and alert. Again, if you decant it into a bottle that is more than 100ml, it will need to go in your hold luggage.

    Makes: One 1 oz spray bottle


    • ½ ounce Wild mint hydrosol
    • ½ ounce Cardamom hydrosol

    Tools: One 1 oz pet plastic or glass spray bottle

    Directions: Fill spray bottle with Wild mint and Cardamom hydrosol.

    You can keep this blend in your handbag, and just give it a spray whenever the room or your face needs freshening up.

    Have a great vacation!

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