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Aromas and the Moon Phases – Part Two: Waning Cycle
  • In Part One we explored the characteristics of the moon’s waxing cycle, culminating in the full moon. We learned which essential oils support the issues of those phases. Now, we’ll turn our attention to the waning cycle of the moon. Each day, we see a decrease in the area of the moon’s light. The moon begins to spend less time in the sky at night as it begins its journey back to connect with the sun.

    The suggested method is diffusion or inhalation of the single oil or a blend.

    Third Quarter Phase

    From the full phase, we move into the waning third quarter. After the harvest, whether it has consisted of physical goods, ideas, emotions, revelations or more, we want to share with others. We spend time communicating and interacting in various ways to accomplish this. Again, the citrus oils come in to spread their uplifting energy. In specific, we may look toward Bergamot for the desire to give generously from the heart and Lemon for mental clarity in communications. Spice oils like Basil, Black Pepper and Cinnamon add warmth and energy during the waning cycle, as will a stimulating herbal, like Rosemary.

    Fourth Quarter Phase

    In the hours between midnight and sunrise the appearance of the waning half-moon (light to the left) appears, and it will still be visible for a while after the sunrise. Now we have come to a turning point. All the information about our projects or experiences over the last three cycles is in and we discover where we feel the need to change things as we go forward. This is also the time when things are ‘cleared-up and completed’ – bills are paid and karma comes due. We are ready to think about a radical departure from some accepted norm. Here again, encouraging and strengthening essential oils give support. Basil, Cedar, Orange may be combined with essences that open the mind to new ideas, possibly received in the dream state. Those include Angelica, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, and Helichrysum.

    Dark or New Moon Phase

    As the crescent moon (light to the left) gets thinner and thinner, we enter the final phase of the 29.5 day lunar cycle. We notice the nights are darker and the presence of the moon disappears shortly after sunset until it is not seen in the night sky at all. It is very normal to feel lower energy levels during the waning crescent phase and especially at the dark or new moon phase. This is not the time for parties or adventures, but for cozy evenings and inner work. We are supporting in releasing things and clearing clutter. We are ready to let go of old behaviors and experiences and getting ready to plot our goals for the next cycle. The gentle essential oils, like Lavender, Chamomile, Petitgrain, and Rose give us comfort now. We can combine these with the essences that give insight--Angelica, Cinnamon, Clary Sage, Helichrysum and those the connect us to our spiritual nature--Frankincense and Sandalwood. If we choose to release by cleansing the body, we can use Juniper, Fennel, Lemon and Rosemary as diffusion or diluted into carrier oil, honey or cream for a bath (don’t do this near bedtime, though, as Juniper may increase the release through the urinary system).


    Some Blends for the Waning Moon Cycle:

    Third Quarter

    • Bergamot 8 drops
    • Basil 2 drops
    • Cinnamon 2 drops
    • Rosemary 2 drops


    Fourth Quarter

    • Cedar 8 drops
    • Orange 4 drops
    • Clary Sage 2 drops
    • Cinnamon 2 drops


    Dark or New Moon

    • Lavender 8 drops
    • Petitgrain 4 drops
    • Sandalwood 4 drops


    Body Cleanse:

    • Juniper 6 drops
    • Rosemary 3 drops
    • Lemon* 2 drops
    • Fennel 2 drops


    It is also possible to counter the effects of a cycle in terms of energy by using the more gentle essences during the high energy of the full moon and the more stimulating essence of the first and second quarter during the dark moon phase. However, once we have established connection with these phases, unless it’s truly necessary to run counter to the energy flow (attending a conference, taking exams, etc. at the dark moon phase; or attending a spiritual retreat during a full moon, etc.) we will find that following the natural rhythms of the moon is very rewarding and strengthening on all levels.

    *Be sure to use a distilled lemon that is not very old in the bath. Unless you are able to wait 18 hours before going into sunlight, regular expressed lemon oil has phototoxic properties on sun-exposure. Older lemon oil can become irritating for skin.


    Shellie Enteen contributed her knowledge of astrology and essential oils to this blogpost. She has been an astrologer for 40 years and can be found via the Astralessence Facebook page or by emailing

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