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Aromas for the Four Cycles of the Moon – Part One: The Waxing Phases
  • The moon is known to affect the tides. The full moon is famous for the numbers of people seeking help for emotional issues at this time. But whether we realize it or not, our energy levels and experiences are also influenced by the phase of the moon, our closest neighbor in the sky. And the Moon’s cycle of waxing and waning is also mirrored in our body’s functions, such as breathing in and out, and the heart receiving blood from and pumping blood into the circulatory system. The word for women’s monthly reproductive cycle derives from the moon. (mensis "month" see moon (n.))¹ We honor and support ourselves by knowing the cycles of the moon and their benefits.

    Lunar Phases

    There are four major phases in the 29.5 day lunar cycle. Each of these has a characteristic energy that brings inner urges and supports outer activities. We can easily find out what phase the moon is in by having a calendar that shows them,, or consulting the internet. The moon’s phases are included on weather sites, as they also have significance for navigation and gardening.  


    Waxing First Quarter

    After a ‘new moon’ occurs (when the moon is absent from the night sky as it journeys near the sun), the waxing phase of the moon begins. We begin to see the moon shortly after sunset in the form of a crescent with the curve to the right. This time of growing light brings a return of energy and curiosity, as well as thoughts about new projects or how to approach issues in a new way. In this phase we may benefit from using essential oils that calm and steady the mind so that we can settle on a plan. Lemon, Eucalyptus, Patchouli, and Peppermint are helpful now. They can be used alone or in a blend that is diffused or inhaled.


    Second Quarter

    Each night the crescent grows until it reaches the next major lunar cycle: the second quarter. After sunset, a waxing half-moon (light to the right) that has begun to be seen in the day-sky becomes more vivid. Now is the time we take action to support our plans and ideas. We may seek out information and methods, consult experts and authorities, and begin to do the things we know it will take to make our ideas bear fruit. Energizing essential oils can be added to the essences from the first quarter to keep momentum going. Basil, Cedar, Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosemary are suggested for diffusion or for inhalation.


    Full Phase

    The moon continues to grow in light until it reaches its farthest distance from the sun. This is the moment a full moon arrives, rising at sunset and shining through the night. All the planning and action has come to a point of fruition. Energy is at a peak. Revelations come with this full light and relationships can come to a parting of the ways. Citrus essential oils enhance the happy activities of fruition, pairing well with the balancing effects of Geranium and the grounding influence of Patchouli or Vetiver. If polarized feelings and widely different goals are creating conflict in relationships, Lavender, Marjoram, Myrrh, Neroli, and Rose will soothe and create a peaceful heart. And if the extreme energy of the full moon causes sleeplessness, Roman Chamomile, Lavender, Jasmine, Marjoram, and Orange can be used to encourage relaxation.

    The full phase lasts for three days as it eases into the waning cycles. These will be explored in part two.


    Some Waxing Phase Blends:

    First Quarter:

    • Lemon 8 drops
    • Patchouli 4 drops
    • Eucalyptus 2 drops


    Second Quarter:

    • Cedar 8 drops
    • Ginger 4 drops
    • Basil 2 drops


    Full Phase: 3 Expressions

    • Orange 8 drops
    • Geranium 4 drops
    • Patchouli 2 drops


    • Lavender 8 drops
    • Rose 4 drops
    • Myrrh 2 drops


    • Orange 8 drops
    • Jasmine 4 drops
    • Chamomile 2 drops      


    Shellie Enteen contributed her knowledge of astrology and essential oils to this blogpost. She has been an astrologer for 40 years and can be found via the Astralessence Facebook page or by emailing



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