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Aromatherapy & Chakras: The Heart Chakra
  • The heart chakra is the center of unconditional love and compassion.

    The fourth chakra is based in the heart and chest. Is your heart chakra out of balance? Too little energy in this chakra can make you antisocial and withdrawn, critical and judgmental of others or yourself. It can cause depression, loneliness and a fear of relationships. If excessive, you may well be demanding and clinging, jealous and dependent, or overly self-sacrificing.


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    How to heal the heart chakra:

    Breathing exercises will help all those with problems in the heart chakra - join a yoga or qigong class which teaches breathing. Look at your relationships and try to free yourself from suppressed grief and loss (with professional help if necessary). Start to accept yourself - just as you are.


    Tazeka Blends for the Sacral Chakra:

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