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Essential Oil Spotlight: Cardamom
  • We get essential oils from different parts of different plants, but it always starts with a seed—like a cardamom seed. Cardamom essential oil is extracted from the seeds. Its aroma is warm, sweet, spicy, and woody.


    So where does Cardamom come from?

    Cardamom is indigenous to India and Sri Lanka but is also harvested in Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, and Guatemala, one of the world’s top cardamom producers.

    The use of Cardamom dates back to at least 4000 years. Ancient Egyptians would use Cardamom for medicinal purposes and would even chew cardamom pods to clean their teeth and freshen their breath.

    Greeks and Romans would use cardamom for perfumes and aromatic oils.

    Today, it is one of the top three most expensive spices in the world – next to saffron and vanilla. We can see cardamom used in the kitchen, the beauty cabinet, and the healer’s kit.

    Source: Cardamom Kitchen


    What are Cardamom’s health benefits?

    We can use cardamom essential oil to get our Chi flowing, especially our digestive Chi. Known for its warming properties, Cardamom oil can be used as a digestive tonic to help soothe stomach discomfort and relieve indigestion. Other primary benefits include stimulating appetite, uplifting your mood, promoting clear breathing and respiratory health, and eliminating bad breath.

    You can find cardamom in some of our Tazeka blends: Nonstop Thoughts, Travel Companion, and Aphrodite.

    Be sure to check out our Youtube Video on Cardamom!


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