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Flower Types of the Divine Feminine (Part One: Rose and Jasmine)
  • For countless centuries, the aroma of flowers has been used in perfumes and cosmetics to enhance the allure and the expression of femininity. In using or creating a blend with the essential oils of flowers, it is useful to know which specific archetype of the Divine Feminine the flower conveys. With this in mind, we can choose to augment a quality we identify with, or balance our nature with one that is less prominent, but would be of benefit.

    The four most familiar flowers that gift us with their essential oils are Rose, Jasmine, Neroli (orange blossom) and Ylang Ylang. In this post, we’ll explore two flower personalities – Rose and Jasmine. We can discover if they would be expressive of our personal feminine aspect, would augment that in a different way, or provide a necessary balance at a specific time. Part two will cover Neroli and Ylang Ylang.


    The rose is considered to be the flower of the goddess in general. It was even assigned to the Divine Mother Mary. The aroma and image of pink roses persists in visions of the faithful, despite having been replaced by the more modest white lily by a medieval church council.

    The personality type that personifies rose is sensual but also comforting. It is exemplified in beauty combined with concern for children and the nurturing of all in physical and emotional ways. The designation ‘earth mother,’ known for cooking and gardening, also portrays the Rose-Type. A modern day Rose-Type is Angelina Jolie. Famed for her looks and film career, she has also been a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN, working for refugees. Of course, she is a mother-archetype as well, giving birth to and adopting a total of six children. Another actress from the recent past who can be seen as a Rose-Type is Mia Farrow.  

    There are two main categories of rose essential oils, each enhancing different expressions of this flower’s attributes: Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) promotes the gentle, healing quality. Combined with its subtle work on balancing the heart chakra, we overcome feelings of grief and loss and we extend ourselves to love. Rose Otto inspires universal and unconditional love, which can be applied to the self, as well as others. Rosa Centifolia (Rose Maroc, Rose absolute) bestows a deeper, more penetrating fragrance. It strengthens the spirit, awakens the desire nature, and connects us to the mysteries of existence.   

    A blend to inspire the Rose-Type:

    • 6 drops Rose Geranium
    • 4 drops Rose
    • 2 drops Grapefruit
    • 2 drops Sandalwood
    • 5ml carrier oil (i.e. Jojoba)


    In India, this flower has long been called “Queen of the Night.” It also symbolizes hope. In China, it is linked to the ‘sweetness’ of women. Many areas in the southern United States have ‘night blooming jasmine’ shrubs that emit this attractive fragrance into the environment during the blossom-time. (Jasmine is the State Flower of South Carolina.) Women of southern Asia (where jasmine originates) have long worn the delicate white flowers in their hair. Jasmine is also used to strengthen and ease the process of childbirth.

    A famous woman who had her own jasmine gardens with servants dedicated to their cultivation was Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. She was said to perfume the sails of her barge with this potent fragrance. And she was known for her powerful allure that famously captured the attention and hearts of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. From this image, we have a clue about the Jasmine personality characteristic: a confident, strong woman, and a bewitching seductress who knows how to attract what she requires. Jasmine releases inhibition and encourages playfulness.

    In today’s world, the Jasmine-Type would be a strong leadership force in the home, the workplace and organizations of all kinds. She is wise enough to stay alluring in her feminine archetype and can serve as a role model for other women who desire recognition and achievement. A modern Jasmine-Type could be seen in Oprah Winfrey. Two actresses who have played Queens also exude the Jasmine-type: Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett. Dame Judi Dench is another.

    The Jasmine absolute used in our perfumes and cosmetics is obtained mainly from the J. grandiflorum of India, Morocco and Egypt, and the J. sambac from India and China.

    A blend to inspire the Jasmine-Type:

    • 6 drops Orange
    • 4 drops Jasmine
    • 2 drops Patchouli
    • 1 drops Cinnamon
    • 5ml carrier oil (i.e. Jojoba)

    Tazeka Aromatherapy has created several special essential oil blends that that evoke qualities of the womanly experience. Aphrodite is the one that honors these two flower personality types of the Goddess of Love, pairing both rose and jasmine flowers with a sensual spice to encourage and enhance the experience of loving intimacy.  

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