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Essential Aromatic Helpers for Women
  • While all pure essential oils have wonderful properties to assist body, mind and spirit, there are several that are considered to be outstanding for certain needs specific to women. Here...

    Aromatherapy & Chakras: The Root Chakra
  • Balance your chakras for health and harmony The chakras (the subtle energy centers of our body) offer precise monitors of our physical and mental well-being. When each chakra spins at...

    7 Ways To 'Soulify' Your Summer
  • Image Source Summertime and the living should be easy, right? Yet somehow we often end up so stressed and busy that we don’t have time to enjoy it – and...

    Balancing Essential Oils
  • Many essential oils have the potential to “balance” the body. Ancient practices which are still used today – including those of reflexology, Ayuverdic medicine, chakra balancing, and Traditional Chinese Medicine...

    Aromatherapy and the Chakras
  • Although a therapy in its own right, aromatherapy can be enhanced by combining it with many other traditional therapies; such therapies include massage, reflexology, crystal healing, and Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic...

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