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Ylang Ylang

Cananga odorata

Ylang ylang is relaxing, meditative, helpful for weight management, and calming yet arousing at once.

Plant Part

Diffusive, strong, sweet, smooth, and rich tropical-floral aroma. Exotic and sensual.

Emotional/Energetic Qualities
Emotional: Relaxing, meditative, helpful for weight management. Calming. Aphrodisiac.

Therapeutic Properties: Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Antidepressant, CNS sedative, Cooling, Hypotensive, Skin healing, Tonic.

Can cause skin irritation or be sensitizing, especially with young children. Do not use on inflamed skin, hypersensitive skin, diseased or damaged skin or on dermatitis. Leads to headaches and nausea with people sensitive to the oil. If overused it can cause headaches and nausea. Do not use with someone who has low blood pressure as it is used to lower blood pressure.

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