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12 Tips for a Relaxed Happy Wedding
  • There’s little we love more than a good wedding! What is a ‘good’ wedding? Well, in our book it’s about love, pure and simple. You’re making a commitment to the person you love, surrounded by the people you love and need in your life. What could be more magical than that?

    Everyone’s idea of the perfect wedding is different, of course, but here are a few of our tips for a day that you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

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    1. This is your wedding, nobody else’s. Try not to get caught into other people’s dreams for your big day. In-laws can have a bad habit of hijacking weddings! Sit down with your partner and think about how you want your day to be.
    2. It’s not about the money. Truly. Some of the most magical weddings are done on a shoestring. Don’t get caught up in wedding one-up manship – it’s just not worth it.

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    1. Getting married abroad may sound idyllic but is it fair on your friends and relations? Maybe save the exotic holiday for your honeymoon.

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    1. Embrace imperfection. Aiming for a 100% perfect day is dangerous. Life has a way of biting you in the bum! Accept that things may not go exactly according to plan, but that’s half the fun.

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    1. Choose an outfit which makes you feel confident and good in yourself. There are no rules these days – express your inner beauty!

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    1. Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes - be kind! Maybe pick a color theme and then let them choose their own designs?

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    1. Weddings can be very boring for children – think about the small people. How about a Kids Table? We loved a wonderful Polish/Indian wedding where every child had a (carefully considered) toy awaiting them on their place mat.

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    1. Don’t drink too much – you don’t want to pass out on your wedding night! One long glass of water for every one of champagne is a good practice.

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    1. Hashtag your wedding. No need to wait for the official pics – if you ask your guests to use social media with #tazekawedding (obviously you use your own wording!) you’ll find those lovely unposed shots with ease.

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    1. Talking of photographs, think about commissioning someone other than a wedding photographer for a less traditional take. It’s good to have a professional but it could be fun to have a fresh approach. Keep a Pinterest board of your favorite wedding shots to show him or her. Or find someone you love on Instagram to photograph your day.

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    1. Prep your DJ! Talk over the songs you love (and those you hate) with your DJ so you’re all grooving to the same tune! Nothing worse than the ‘our song’ of an ex coming up on the dance-floor!

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    1. Don’t get stressed about it all. Mindfulness is your best friend here. Keep pulling yourself into the moment – make the most of every single one of them!


    Tazeka Is Your Maid of Honor!

    Yes, we have a whole rash of blends that can make the day just that bit more fragrant and wonderful.

    • Feeling nervous? Keep Tension Tonic on hand to anoint everyone in the wedding party! We’d also recommend doses of Peaceful Slumber and Nonstop Thoughts all round on the night before.
    • Before the speech: Confidence is a great blend if anyone’s got the jitters about public speaking.

    • Perfect presents: our blends make great alternative presents for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride. Pick blends that color-coordinate with your wedding or choose according to each person’s needs. We love seeing all the blues line up (Tension Tonic, Breathe Easy, Travel Companion, Peaceful Slumber) or those hot pinks and reds (Motivation, Confidence, Concentrate). Balance and Headache Helper ace the greens and Nonstop Thoughts is peachy. Meditation Guru, of course, goes with everything!
    • Sensual delights: let’s not be coy about it, our Aphrodite and Ares blends make the perfect present for bride and groom!
    • Fragrant favors: Go for something unusual – both delicious and practical. Our 2ml samplers make super favors (or, if you’re feeling ultra-generous, go for the full 8ml bottles!). Optimism is a lovely sunny choice!


    Dreamy Wedding Diffuser Blend

    This romantic, uplifting mix of essential oils will keep everyone’s mood bright and happy, promoting a warm, sociable party atmosphere:

    • 3 drops Blood Orange (Citrus sinensis)
    • 3 drops Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)
    • 3 drops Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)
    • Directions: Add the oils to your favorite diffuser and enjoy!

    You may need more than one diffuser if your wedding is being held outdoors, or in a large space.

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