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How to Use Essential Oils in the Workplace
  • It is possible to use essential oils in the workplace both safely and successfully, if you first take into account what you are using them for, the method of application, and the needs of others in the workplace, too. Use essential oils in the workplace for mental tiredness, colds and sniffles, stress, as an air freshener, and to reduce irritability among work colleagues.


    Using Essential Oils in Workplace Diffusers

    One of the most popular ways of dispersing essential oils in the workplace is through the use of an aromatherapy diffuser. Any type of essential oil can be added to an aromatherapy diffuser, although you need to check the aromatherapy diffuser manufacturer instructions on how to add essential oils for the type of diffuser.

    Use an aromatherapy diffuser to help reduce workplace stress, tension, and irritability, to combat against colds, sniffles, and flu, as an air freshener, and to increase workplace alertness. You may also find an aromatherapy diffuser helpful to relieve tension headaches, and to encourage socialization among work colleagues, depending upon the type of essential oil you choose.


    Using an Aromatherapy Roll-on Blend in the Workplace

    If you suffer from headaches, aches and pains, anxiety, stress, or depression, you may be using a massage-type blend at home to relieve the symptoms of such problems. However, if you want to continue using a specific aromatherapy blend in the workplace, consider packaging an oil-based blend in a roll-on bottle.

    Roll-on aromatherapy blends are easy to use, with a handy roll-on applicator, are small and portable, and are also discreet to use. Simply apply the blend to pressure or pulse points as needed. A roll-on aromatherapy blend is also a great alternative to an overpowering, commercial perfume – and it is less invasive of other people's preferences, space, and needs.


    Using an Aromatherapy Inhaler in the Workplace

    An aromatherapy inhaler is a popular device to use for colds, allergies, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and respiratory problems. Simply add the required aromatherapy blend to the inhaler before leaving home, and carry the inhaler in your purse or pocket for when you need to use it in the workplace.

    Aromatherapy inhalers do not intrude into other people's personal space or interfere with other people's medical concerns.


    Cautions for Using Essential Oils in the Workplace

    Although using essential oils in the workplace is generally uninstrusive and trouble-free, there are certain cautions to remember before using them. These include:

    • if a work colleague is pregnant, check before diffusing specific essential oils
    • if a work colleague has a specific medical condition, for example epilepsy, high blood pressure, or migraines, check before diffusing essential oils
    • be aware that some work colleagues may be sensitive to certain aromas
    • check if any work colleagues have specific allergies that may be triggered by the use of essential oils.

    If in doubt, consult a certified aromatherapist.

    Note: The advice given in this article id for informational purposes only.



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