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Aromatherapy & Chakras: The Throat Chakra
  • The throat chakra is your voice of authenticity and creative expression.

    The fifth chakra is located in the throat. Is your throat chakra out of balance? If you have difficulty putting your feelings into words, if you are scared of speaking out, you may be deficient in this chakra. You could be introverted and shy. When this chakra has excessive energy, you talk too much and can’t listen. You gossip and interrupt and are known for your loud, intrusive voice.

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    How to heal the throat chakra:

    If deficient, use your voice: singing, chanting, humming. If you have excessive energy, practice the arts of silence and listening, concentrate on what the other person is saying. All problems in this chakra benefit from bodywork or massage to release tension in the neck and shoulders. Write your thoughts and unspoken feelings in a journal; write letters (they don’t have to be sent).

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    • Sep 22, 2016

      i have excessive energy,just ID it in your blog thank you ,I have been doing the things you suggest but, quit after a while .I while make your suggestions a part of my getting better.

      — sylvia sanctious

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