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February Essentials: Cultivating an Open Heart
  • Valentine’s Day makes February the Month of Love. In our modern culture, it is often a full-on event; with gifts, flowers, candy, cards, a fine dinner, and perhaps even a marriage proposal. But can a great outpouring of gifts surpass the gift of true self-love which generates an open, giving heart? As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can choose to cultivate this inner experience in anticipation of a more joyous celebration this year, and in years to come.

    There are many reasons why a heart may close, not the least of which is the loss of someone dear. Grief, past hurts, disappointments, and underlying low self-esteem may cut off the flow of loving connection. And though we might form romantic relationships and have all the outer signs of attachment and affection, these will benefit when we release the past, develop confidence, and are able to trust a deep, loving connection to be fully given and received.

    Fortunately, we have many fragrant aromatic helpers to assist us in cultivating an open heart. Here are some special suggestions from the categories of essential oils: flower, citrus, spice, wood and herb.

    FLOWER: The attractive aroma of floral essential oils has long been appreciated and used in perfumes to enhance and inspire romance.

    One floral fragrance that is most revered and especially qualified to reopen feelings of beauty, confidence, and the desire to share love is rose. Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) has a gentle, healing quality. Combined with its subtle work on balancing the heart chakra, we can overcome feelings of grief and loss. Rose Otto also inspires universal and unconditional love, which can be applied to the self, as well as others. Rosa centifolia, Rose Maroc (Rose absolute) has a deeper fragrance, and strengthens the spirit, as it also awakens desires and connects us to the mysteries of existence.

    FRUIT: One of the great qualities of citrus oils is their ability to instill confidence while relieving anxiety.

    Bergamot (Citrus aurantium bergamia) has subtle qualities perfect for cultivating an open heart. This oil is said to amplify light energy, encouraging us to allow our heart to beam its own special light and joy to others. It illuminates the mind, allowing us to let go of troubling thoughts, including self-criticism and blame. And Bergamot brings the awareness that the light of the Soul is our protection, and this allows us to relax, enjoying the moment in peace.

    SPICE: As the spice oils are warming and create energy, they are also used in perfumes to enhance the physical desire aspect of love.

    Cardamom is an oriental spice that promotes the ability to see beauty in all things through the eyes of our heart. This creates a generosity of spirit in our dealings with others and toward our self. This sweet fragrance helps us be straightforward, confident, and courageous.

    WOOD: Strength is an outstanding characteristic of the wood oils. When we feel strong, we are more capable of approaching and receiving others.

    Petitgrain (Citrus aurantium var. amara) is one of three oils from the orange tree. It is commonly cultivated using the twigs, bark and leaves. The aroma is similar to Neroli (orange blossom), but has a sharper, refreshing quality. The subtle effect of Petitgrain that may be helpful now is a specific kind of encouragement. This is the essence that helps us overcome past disappointments in romantic relationships, and have the courage to ‘try again.’

    HERB: Oils that are derived from leaves and grasses have many different qualities. The leaf oils are known to have benefits on the respiratory and circulatory system. One of these is also of benefit to our quest for connection.

    Because of its strong, grounding aroma, Patchouli (Pogostemon cablins) is often thought to be a wood oil, but it actually derives from the leaves of a small bush in the mint family. When we spend a lot of time in our mind or in spiritual practice, the aroma of Patchouli will bring us back to focus in our body and its needs. And one of those needs is connecting with others, giving this deep essence its reputation as an aphrodisiac.

    In the days and weeks filling the month of love, especially those close to Valentine’s Day itself, wearing, diffusing or bathing in a blend of these essences can prepare the way to a more rewarding experience. Here are some suggestions. Other essential oils can be added to your individual blends at your preference.

    Love Potion Body Blend

    • Bergamot* 6 drops
    • Rose 2 drops
    • Patchouli 2 drops
    • Cardamom 2 drops

    Dilute into one ounce of carrier oil.

    Love Is In The Air Diffusion Blend

    • Bergamot* 4 drops
    • Petitgrain 4 drops
    • Patchouli 2 drops

    Undilute for electronic or simple diffusion.
    Mix with distilled water for air spray.

    Oo La La Bath Blend

    • Petitgrain 6 drops
    • Rose 2 drops
    • Patchouli 2 drops

    Dilute into honey or cream.

    *Bergamot causes photosensitivity on exposure to sunlight. Be sure to use an FCF or Bergaptene-free (BF) essential oil of Bergamot for any skin application).

    • Zena Hallam
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