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Our Top 5 Essential Oils for All-Natural Skin Care
  • Even if you know nothing about skin care, these essential oils WORK!

    Top 5 Essential Oils for All-Natural Skin Care


    There are SO MANY excellent essential oils for skin care and skin repair!

    It was not easy to narrow our list down to 5. We’ve definitely used more than these 5 in our own essential oil blends at Tazeka Aromatherapy.

    But we want to keep things straightforward for you when you’re making your own all-natural skin care. Even though there is a lot to know about essential oil science, that’s no reason you should start to feel confused.

    Here is our easy-to-use top 5 guide.


    These 5 essential oils all have a few things in common:

    They’re all considered great for natural cell rejuvenation and skin repair, restoring mature skin, and calming inflammation. These are the kinds of benefits we look for in any effective all-natural skin care blend.

    That means that even if you know nothing about natural skin care, you really can’t go wrong by choosing any of the essential oils on this list. It’s as “fool proof” as we could make it.


    FrankincenseBoswellia carterii essential oil is often rich in a natural component called “alpha-pinene,” which helps it get rid of bacteria and calm swelling (making it an excellent essential oil for acne). It helps:

    • Soothe irritation
    • Reduce acne and swelling
    • Scar care

    Those are a few of its prominent benefits, but Frankincense is simply an all-around amazing essential oil for skin repair and glowing complexions. We can’t recommend it enough!


    Rose – The science of Rosa × damascena tells us that it’s rich in a natural component called “phenylethanol,” which has been researched for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps rose:

    • Calm inflammation and cool heat (chronically red skin)
    • Reduce acne and oiliness
    • Balance overall texture and complexion
    • Clarify (and reduce the appearance of pores)

    Rose is a skin care classic that has been used for centuries in this way.


    Carrot SeedDaucus carota was a shoo-in for our top 5 list. It’s thought to be useful for balancing skin overall, and has a deep, gorgeous scent that makes it popular in perfumes and other natural beauty products. Carrot seed can:

    • Soothe irritation
    • Balance overall texture and complexion
    • Prevent infections (acne)

    Want to see a little research on products based on carrot seed oil? Check it out!


    HelichrysumHelichrysum italicum essential oil is often used for healing, especially for small wounds (including bruises). When we remember that “anti-aging” is just another word for “healing,” it’s clear why helichrysum is such a powerful ally in natural skin care! Use it for:

    • Scar care
    • Cell rejuvenation and natural skin repair
    • Blisters, sun, or wind damage

    This study concluded that helichrysum “displayed significant wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant activities.”


    LavenderLavandula angustifolia just may be the most widely-known and popular essential oil for all-natural skin care. If you aren’t sure which essential oil would be right for your skin, lavender is a gentle, nurturing choice that can help create a glowing complexion for most skin types. Use it to:

    • Calm inflammation and cool heat (chronically red skin)
    • Prevent infections (acne)
    • Relieve blisters, sun, or wind damage

    Lavender’s main natural components are called “linalol” and “linalyl acetate,” and they’ve been researched again and again for their talents in these areas.


    Have you picked a few essential oils for your own all-natural skin care routine?

    Great! Here’s how to get started using them:

    Start with 1 oz of your favorite light, silky carrier oil—preferably one rich with antioxidants. Argan oil is excellent for the face. So is marula oil, or jojoba oil (which is technically a liquid wax, and skin loves it!)

    Add 5 to 6 drops of essential oil, drawing from the list above. You can mix and match the oils until you get to 5 drops, or just work with one essential oil at a time, to see how your skin likes it.


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