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Aromatherapy for Your Yoga Practice
  • We love yoga. We’re not the most flexible, or the most graceful, or the most athletic yoginis going, but that’s not the point. We love yoga for the way it...

    Sensual Massage
  • Drop-dead Sexy Massage for Lovers What do you do for Valentine’s Day with your beloved? How about dumping the clichés and giving him or her a delicious long sensual massage?...

    Love Spells
  • Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and our thoughts are turning, inevitably, to love. Chocolates and champagne, red roses and romantic dinners are all very well and good if you’ve...

    Diffusing Holiday Scents
  • The Holidays are a great time for diffusing traditional aromas including spice, citrus, resin-like, and pine-like essential oils. You can diffuse Holiday aromatherapy scents with an aromatherapy diffuser, through a...

    Tree Essential Oils: Fall
  • Fall is a great season to use essential oils in an aromatherapy diffuser; not only does it create a warm, seasonal feel to the season, it can help to combat...

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