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Kicking Anxiety Into Touch
  • Image Source Anxiety is a modern epidemic. Over 40 million adults in the US alone suffer from anxiety disorders (that’s a huge 18 percent of the population) and it’s increasing....

    Essential Oils for Aches and Pains
  • There are many essential oils that possess anti-inflammatory, and/or muscle-relaxing, stress-relieving properties. Pain can be acute or chronic; or be a simple, but annoying, ache. Essential oils can be applied...

    Essential Oils for Headaches
  • Headaches come in many shapes and forms and are probably one of the most common daily health complaints. However, regardless of the type of headache that you have, a headache...

    Five Essential Oils for the Workplace
  • Essential oils are great for using in the workplace, if you chose an appropriate essential oil, and use it safely. Essential oils may help to uplift mood, cleanse the environment,...

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