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Tazeka is aromatherapy that blends science, spirit, and style.


12 Tips for a Relaxed Happy Wedding
  • There’s little we love more than a good wedding! What is a ‘good’ wedding? Well, in our book it’s about love, pure and simple. You’re making a commitment to the...

    Why We All Need Three-week Vacations!
  • A summer vacation is the ideal prescription for stress, right? Well, not necessarily. It seems that while we are under pressure we almost order our bodies to stay fit but...

    Aromatherapy for Easter Baking
  • We love Easter. Any excuse for a celebration!   And no, it’s not just because we love a good Easter egg and a slap-up family meal! Did you know that the...

    Aromatherapy for Newborn Babies
  • One of the most common questions we’re asked is whether our blends can be used on children. Tazeka is formulated to be extremely safe and we would say that, providing...

    Aroma Space Clearing for the Home
  • What’s your home made of? Walls, roof, floor, furniture? No! Your home is made of energy, pure and simple – the ‘solid’ things we see and feel around us are...

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